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  • Gabon
    Latest update: Summary – removal of advice about opposition rally in Libreville on Friday 15 May
  • Bahrain
    Latest update: Safety and security section – removal of advice about demonstrations and protests on 14 and 16 May
  • Micronesia
    Latest update: Summary – removal of advice about the state of emergency declared in Chuuk State and Yap State following Typhoon Maysak
  • Iran
    Latest update: Safety and security section - in April 2015, a flagged container ship was detained by Iranian forces while transiting the Straits of Hormuz; the ship and crew were released 9 days later
  • Pakistan
    Latest update: Safety and security section (Karachi) – editorial amendments
  • Turkey
    Latest update: Safety and security section - most towns and cities have populations of stray dogs, which can be aggressive. Exercise caution, remain calm, and avoid approaching stray dogs. If you are bitten, seek medical advice as rabies and other animal borne diseases are present in Turkey
  • Burundi
    Latest update: Summary - update on advice about airport and land borders
  • USA
    Latest update: Summary - some hospitals may ask non-US residents to pay a deposit on admittance: any requests for funds should be directed to your travel insurance provider in the first instance
  • South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
    Latest update: this advice has been reviewed and re-issued without amendment
  • Afghanistan
    Latest update: Summary - attack on guesthouse and EU vehicle in Kabul; Terrorism section - change to advice on movements around Kabul; Health section - requirement for polio vaccination certificate on departure for long term visitors
  • Guyana
    Latest update: Safety and security section – removal of reference to post-general elections period
  • Tajikistan
    Latest update: Summary - the government of Tajikistan has suspended issuing permits allowing travel to the GBAO by foreign nationals entering Tajikistan on tourist visas due to concerns about the security situation in neighbouring provinces in Afghanistan. The FCO continues to advise against all but essential travel to the region
  • Indonesia
    Latest update: Entry requirements – you will receive a fine of Rp 300,000 if you overstay your visa
  • Russia
    Latest update: Summary - removal of advice about Victory Day events across Russia on 9 May
  • Liberia
    Latest Update: Summary - The Foreign and Commonwealth Office no longer recommend against all but essential travel to Liberia
  • Nepal
    Latest Update: Summary - further damage and extensive landslides caused by 12 May earthquake. Many mountain roads are blocked and there is a continued risk of further landslides
  • Libya
    Latest Update: Summary - in May 2015, a British national was kidnapped by militia and subsequently released
  • El Salvador
    Latest update: Natural disasters section - removal of advice about tropical storm forming in the Pacific Ocean from 13 May
  • Italy
    Latest update: Summary - removal of advice about disruption following a fire at Fiumicino airport in Rome
  • Malaysia
    Latest update: Summary section - recent incidents on the Eastern Coast of Sabah

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